By Minim Calibre

Notes:¬†Apparently, the answer to my random email question of “Where’s the and/or slash?” was: “In my head, just looking for an out.”

Or had to admit, it was getting a little sick of following And.

“That,” said And, serene in its primacy, “is because, my dearest of conjunctions, you’re a bit of an elitist snob.”

“Excuse me?” Or was, needless to say, a bit put out.

And made a show of stretching its vowel, then repeated itself, carefully enunciating each syllable. “I said, you’re a bit of an elitist snob. You force people to chose. This OR That. Black OR White. One OR the Other. I’m more inclusive, a populist, you might say. So they put me first, because I put THEM first.”

“I hate you,” groused Or. Or was good at that. The terminal R made everything a little brusque and growly.

And just smiled, softening around the edges, almost dropping its D in public. “And? What are you going to do about that.” The smile deepened. “Or do I have to show you?”

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